Crazy Week

It has been a crazy week. Trading FNM and WM with mixed results. The market simply moved too fast for me. The good news is I didn’t lost my shirt. The bad news is I spent tens of hours treading the equity market and have very little to show for. Not worth my time. I could have gone to the beach, seen a Broadway show, or gotten some much needed sleep.

I closed out all Forex positions. The USD is at a level where I hesitate to pull the trigger. I do believe USD will trade in a trading range but volatility is too high for my taste.


The plan for next week is to spend my time researching and wait for the market to give me an entry point for EUR/USD and JPY/USD. INTC put spread I sold is losing money big time, but I still like Intel and I’m looking to buy some INTC calls next week. My NOK call spread performed well last week, I should take some off the table. Premium of options I sold has gone up last thanks to the crazy volatility. Except for INTC all other options I sold are still out of the money, thank God.


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