Intel Core i7

Benchmarks for Intel’s latest Nehalem chip, official name Core i7, is out and it was impressive. I began buying INTC back in mid Oct, and I was able to pick-up some cheap shares. I still stand by my initial assessment of server upgrades cycle and Intel earning should pickup as early as mid 2009. After going through the benchmark results, I believe Hollywood and Wall Street will be among Intel’s first customers. Content creaters, large or small, can see substantial productivity boost with the new Core i7 chips. With Intel’s aggressive pricing, the new machines pay for themselves in days not months. Wall Street quants will also want the new chip as soon as multi-processor support hit the street because the new Core i7 chip means running the same model in half the time and doing twice as many simulations. If the quant know what he/she is doing, the new machine pay for itself in micro seconds. I’m going to get one to run my simulations as soon as I can get my hand on one! If you have to ask, of course I’ll pay for it with money I made from buying INTC shares.